Innovating smart software for precision medicine.

Gene42 software works alongside or within your current clinical workflows to bring new efficiency, clarity, and insight.
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Our approach

Intelligent Data Capture

Capture patient diagnosis quickly but comprehensively, using streamlined user interfaces and standardized vocabularies

Family-wide Perspective

Bring patient understanding from the individual level to the family level, with the help of intuitive tools for recording and viewing family data

Inter-clinic Analysis

Uncover new insights by finding patterns among patients at different offices, clinics, hospitals, or even countries

Trusted by institutions around the world

Smart software for clinical genetics

PhenoTips® is Gene42’s flagship product, offering smart patient data capture utilizing standardized clinical vocabularies. Used in a diverse range of patient settings across the world, it has been proven to improve diagnostic accuracy for patients suffering from diseases with genetic bases. Flexible and versatile, PhenoTips® is easy to customize and integrate with established clinical workflows and systems.

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