Innovating smart software for precision medicine.

Gene42 develops software for the investigation and treatment of people with genetic disease.

Our flagship product is PhenoTips®, a fully integrated clinical genetics software suite.

Product Spotlight: ®

The only fully-integrated clinical genetics software suite that sees regular clinical use at over 10 hospitals around the world.

  • Flexible and versatile, easy to customize and integrate with established clinical workflows and systems
  • Mature and reliable, refined through many variations and iterations of real-world usage
  • Supported by Gene42's dedicated team of software engineers with deep expertise in the product

PhenoTips® is an open-source project with an active, vibrant community. It is supported commercially by Gene42.

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Our Team

We are a team of computer scientists, software engineers and medical experts developing specialized software to solve today’s challenges and discover tomorrow's opportunities in clinical genetics.

Born out of the world of academia and scientific research, Gene42 is tightly linked with the leading scientific investigators and institutions in our field. Our work is molded by the continuous feedback of expert physicians, genetic counselors, and other medical professionals.

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